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General Description

Open innovation

"paradigm treats research and development as an open system, It suggests that valuable ideas can come from inside or outside the company and can go to the market from inside or outside the company as well".


Technology brokering approach 

"Knowledge is imperfectly shared over time and across people, organizations, and industries". We assist companies to get funded either institutionally or privately. We might also, from time to time, arrange private financing of bridge loans or special situation loans. 


We are creating value due to our ability to:

  • Pass through and get listened to  - albeit today tremendous multiple opportunities, busy and short attentions time of potential investors. 
  • Fill the gap in the flow of information  - Social network theory suggests that there is a role in filling a gap in the flow of information between subgroups in a larger network. 
  • Create new connections  - Ideas from one field might solve the problems of another, but only if a good system of communications and willingness to listen exists.  
  • When new connections are made, existing ideas often appear new and creative as they change form, combining with other ideas to meet the needs of different users. These new combinations are objectively new concepts or objects because they are built from existing but previously unconnected ideas.
  • Assist on follow through  -  It is not enough to get people and ideas together. We facilitate the meeting of  the minds and the hearts. Negotiations are often uneasy and have several breaking points. Both sides need a trusted mutual friend to help balance, listen to, provide feedback  and smooth the rough spots.

The great barrier -

We believe it is much harder to get a company to its first sale then to take an existing idea and make it a great company.  From time to time we can assist to promote an idea and get it funding. We do it by:

  • Selecting ideas well.
  • Present realistic business plans and valuation models.
  • Choosing companies and investors that have management teams that we would be proud to be associated with on a long term basis.
  • Having a long term relationships with people. 
  • We work based only on success basis.

Disruptive technology or Kfitzat Haderech

Kefitzat Haderech (1) (Hebrew, Standard Qəfiat haDére or Kfitzat haDérech) means, "jumping of the path/road/way", the English equivalent is the expression "short cut".

In Torah study and Jewish folklore, kefitzat haderech is the ability to jump instantaneously from one place to another or travel with unnatural speed. The term is originally found in Midrashim to explain anomalies of travel in the Hebrew Bible. In East European Jewish folktales, especially those associated with the Hasidic movement, kefitzat haderech was utilized by various revered holy men.

  • Shmuel Yosef Agnon was a Hebrew Nobel prize laureate writer and was one of the central figures of modern Hebrew fiction.  Agnon incorporates the term in some of his work.
  • Frank Herbert - One of the greatest authors of science fiction literature used the term Kwisatz Haderach 
  • Thomas Samuel Kuhn  - was an American intellectual who wrote extensively on the history of science and developed several important notions in the philosophy of science. His thesis was that science was not a steady, cumulative acquisition of knowledge. He wrote that, it is "a series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions." And in those revolutions, he wrote, "one conceptual world view is replaced by another." (1)

Clayton M. Christensen  coined the term Disruptive Technology . A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is a term describing a technological innovation, product, or service that uses a "disruptive" technology to overturn the existing dominant technologies or status quo products in a market.

  • In an interview to the magazine Strategy & leadership professor Christensen said: "I believe there are two kinds of technology innovation that leaders in an industry need to track. First, there are sustaining technologies, which can be the simple incremental improvements you'd expect all companies to grind out year after year. Or they can be radical, up-market technology innovations that leap-frog ahead of the competition. The evidence shows that sustaining technology consistently appears on business leaders' radar screens because it enables them to bring forth better products that can be sold for higher margins to their best customers. Disruptive technology, on the other hand, initially gives them neither a better product nor acceptable margins, so it tends to be overlooked or ignored.
  • "Conducting there own research the IBM institute for business  studied ten companies that are known within their respective industries for strong innovation all of them changed in one point of time the basis of the competition. One of the common denominator found is that those companies did plan for disruptions. Those companies worked on both aspects of technology the sustained technologies and the emerging technologies.
  • The European Journal of innovation management published and article about the disruptive technology and it is a necessity for survival in dynamic and complex markets and in uncertain economic circumstances. According to the article by Marnix Assink, the development and implementation of disruptive innovation are not well understood (Leifer, 2001). According to Assink only a small number of companies manage to leverage and maximize their disruptive innovation capability. "Yet, future success has much to do with a company's innovation capability. Without radical innovation, decline is inevitable (Hamel, 2002). A Deloitte Research (2004) study revealed that there is a vast gap between intention and actual disruptive innovation capability of firms. Developing distinct capabilities to bridge this gap should be an integral part of a company's strategy for growth."

The term and its practical uses is getting a wider recognition

  • The US army has created a special office for disruptive technology.
  • The US government started a process with the effort to identify all the possibilities for disruptive technologies that could influence US interests in the next 20 years. A multidisciplinary project team of experienced technologists used to facilitate the online development of disruptive-technology ideas and capture notes on those ideas.
  • There are a yearly convention dealing with disruptive technologies. 

Recent toughts about distruptive technology

  • Disruptions: Innovation Isnít Easy, Especially Midstream  so why a small start up with only 13 employees able to build bild instagram while a company like Eastman Kodak, which recently filed for bankruptcy protection was not ? it's easy to imagine how things would be diffrent at Kodak had it dreamed up the Idea"
  • Clayton Christensen on the Future of Pharma - " You come up with this great idea, you canít do anything with it unless you get funded. To get funded, you have to, little by little, morph and shape and modify your business plan so that it fits the current business model. If it doesnít fit the business model, they donít perceive that it will be successful. So what comes out of the process is incremental innovation after me-too innovation. Itís not that the original idea wasnít innovative, but in order to get it funded, you have to change your strategy so that it ultimately conforms to your company, rather than to the problem or unmet need in the market."
  • Why the father of disruption theory is worried about Apple - "That Apple's integrated product lines are vulnerable to newcomers -- like Google - taking a modular approach. "The transition from proprietary architecture to open, modular architecture just happens over and over again," he says. "It happened in the personal computer, and although it didn't kill Apple's computer business, it relegated them to a minor player."


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