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"They lived by the fundamental precept that leaving unrealized potential on the table letting something remain only good, when it can become great is a secular sin".

Jim Collins   The author from Good to Great - Business Week


Current Focus

After many years of ad-hoc relationships per projects, we decided to formalize our consulting relationships and jointly establish services within the Guberman Group.


Second opinion

A service provided in conjunction with Guberman Group in which we provide Boards, Directors, CEO or business people who wish to reconsider a business aspect or a decision.

The service usually concentrates on economic and accounting aspects of cross roads decisions. We can and we do involve technical aspects when needed and have access to various experts.


Business Development timetable and course layout

Assisting new businesses and novel ideas in charting a comprehensive realistic timetable that will consider a pragmatic R&D timeline, achievable milestones, related funding and founding source, reasonable valuation and significant partnerships schedule and targeting. Such a total approach is necessary for the survival of a new business.



Working with many startups in various capacities either directly as directors or as part of management team or as applications writers and winners as well as the relevant follow up of payments of such funding we gained significant experience that will be applicable in two major areas:

  • We will assist new business in laying a complete and reasonable chart of R&D timeline and resources needed.
  • Complete picture of relevant public funding available. We can assist in writing grants or assist or correct drafts of requests. We have successful funding stories either local or international in various industries.


Examples of projects

  • Government of Israel open sky committee - Served as economic consultant to the open Sky committee established in 2006 to review Israel’s policy with regard to the issue of the open sky policy. Performed economic analysis of price deferential and possible outcome's costs and benefits of various policies. In the analysis of the data we used ideas from Riemann hypothesis to show the distribution of prices of flights to and from Israel compared to same distances and classed of seats worldwide. Dan’s original analysis received high praise from the committee members it was said that this was the first time in 40 years that someone was able to prove price differentials in and from Israel due to retracted policy enacted for many years and its overall costs not just related to tourism industry.   
  • Otzar Hityashvuth Hayehudim - The governing and founding body of Bank Leumi. We provided a board assistance regarding investment decision on new distillation project feasibility. In the analysis we also took into consideration regulatory approval processes based on historical benchmarks that might slowdown the project significantly.
  • The council for beautiful Israel – board independent consul regarding business and investment decisions.  In this project we demonstrated that the cost of maintenance and divert of operating budget will hinder the risk the council survival chances despite the fact that costs of a new expansions were fully donated.
  • Insfocus – A novel business to business software company.
  • South Hebron municipality - we designed an accepted economic unification of 3 different municipalities.

Additional Projects

  • Dan Bus company in which we analyzed the composition and customer use of bus lines as a total concept for the Urban user and how it all relates to better use of resources and much more efficient transportation. As part of the review Dan recommended major changes to both the company Internal structure as its relates to its operations rational. Later on Dan was a consultant regarding marketing approaches.  
  • Cigna - Analyzing price exceptions given over the years - the outcome of the work was review and rethinking of marking approaches to agents as well as end users.
  • Zion insurance company - Assisting in establishing a partnership between agents and Zion while employing a direct insurance call center. The Call center became a great success while developing a profit center and a well reputed brand. Inventing effective market segmentation analysis for the new direct call center.
  • Harel - Assisting in developing direct insurance call center business development ideas. Assisting in marketing campaigns.
  • Dan bus company Dan was given the task of reviewing Dan public transport company situation. As part of the review Dan recommended major changes to both the company Internal structure as its be operations rational. Later on Dan was a consultant regarding marketing approaches.  
  • Tadiran - Participated and contributed to portfolio analysis of Tadiran.
  • Netafim - Assisted in market analysis of Netafim competition.
  • IAI - Participated and assisted in business development subsidiaries analysis of of Israel Aerospace industries.

Assortments of market research programs business plans on various subjects ranging from high tech, medical devices, industry retail health and others.


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